Christian Metzner




    Wax lamp

    Wax, Stainless steel
    26 cm × 21 cm × 21 cm
    In collaboration with Aylin Kayser

    The lamp IKARUS is made of wax and an internal stainless steel structure suspended from a steel cable. A light
    bulb inside the lamp causes the wax to melt so that over time the lampshade will reform itself on the surface below.

    IKARUS is based on the idea of visualizing electricity, but it criticises the consumer society with its dependence on short-lived products as well.

    The user decides when the process of decay begins by turning the lamp inside on. They may also decide the rate of decay by choosing the wattage of the lamp. The user is therefore active in the process, while we as designers have created the concept and given them the means to control the process.